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Back from vacation

And, boy, do I not want to be home haha. I had a really great time! I never did get a chance to go kayaking, and I didn’t take a leisurely road trip back up the coast and stop in towns because the weather was kinda crappy. The drive back was long. Twelve straight hours the first day, sans a few potty, gas and food breaks, then 4 1/2 his the next day. I stopped at the hotel that my sister, get fiance and I stayed in when we went down to Florida. It was a bit expensive, but they had a room available and I slept like a log. Plus, free breakfast in the morning! I’ve never driven for that long in one period of time, and my back proved that it wasn’t the smartest idea, but I got through a few states!

I definitely don’t want to be back home with all the drama and having to go to work, but I’m focusing all my energy on packing up things to move next month. I’ve practically cleared the kitchen out, so next is anything decorative around the house and then slowly packing up our room. Oh and the laundry room and bathroom, but that won’t be too much. The garage is starting to get filled with things, furniture, boxes and duffel bags full of clothes, but I’m really looking forward to being out, to getting back to my fiance and me. Besides, we’ve already decided that we’ll have a crap ton more space to work out, so we’re looking forward to that.

As sad as I am that vacation is over, I have this to look forward to, so I’m going to continue being happy about it!

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I never realized how much I needed to get away from home and go on vacation until I got to my mom’s in Jacksonville. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the beach and the weather (for the most part lol) and tomorrow we’re going kayaking in the creeks. I haven’t seen any alligators, but there’s a lot of little lizards, like geckos I guess, everywhere. It’s really humid and because of that it rains a little every day. I’ve taken a few photos on my phone, but because it does rain unexpectedly down here I haven’t brought my camera too much with me to places. I think tomorrow, though, I’ll have an opportunity to bring it with me after kayaking. But I’ve gone to the beach twice and did a good amount of swimming. We also threw a football around for a long time, so I got a good amount of exercise in this week so far! I decided to take a 3 day road trip back instead of just driving straight back and not stop. So I’m going to see Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, and maybe Roanoke, VA. I think I’ll have a really good time in Charleston. There seems to be a lot to do. I’m really excited.

I left home for vacation at the right time. My fiance’s brother’s girlfriend broke up with him. I’m not really sure why, but I think, for her, it was a bunch of things. But because he’s mentally ill, he comes with things differently. So his way out chopping with his heartbreak was to drink a bottle of tequila (he made it last for the days I think) smoke his weed and then take some cocaine too. No one in the house had any idea that he even had coke. Apparently, he got it from the people who live 3 doors down. So he’s been in a mental hospital because he also had a plan to kill himself. He just really feel apart. So he went in front of a judge and everything to determine where he was going to go. He’s coming home, but I think he should go to a halfway house or something. His parents are getting old and can’t take care of him much anymore and he’s 30 so he needs to go… so that’s what my fiance and his parents are going through. I feel bad that I’m not there but I don’t think I could do much. Oh well… that situation will get figured out sooner or later. The lease it’s up in March anyway, do he’ll be out eventually.

On a much happier topic, when I come back from vacation, it’ll be just a little over a month before we move! I’m going to have to get into packing mode. I don’t want to get into a habit of packing a little here and there or bringing things over little by little. I know his parents will still be living in the place we’re at now, but I just want to bring everything over to the new place in a quick fashion. I’m so excited to call something my own again, not having to share stuff. And, also equally as important, we paid something out for the wedding! Like a deposit to secure our date. That’s really exciting! We’ve been in this in between stage for the wedding for so long that it’s nice to get that going again.

Well.. I think we’re leaving the beach soon. I’m not sure what we’re doing the rest of the day look.

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Finally found a hotel that had a vacancy, so that’s good! Going to decompress from that long drive and go to sleep.

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Starting my drive for Florida Yay!!!!

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The final product! Love it! Ticked a bit, but it was a nice treat =]

The final product! Love it! Ticked a bit, but it was a nice treat =]

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My sister is treating me to a pedicure before we leave for our drive to Florida. This is a really weird experience… never had a pedicure before lol.

My sister is treating me to a pedicure before we leave for our drive to Florida. This is a really weird experience… never had a pedicure before lol.


Amazing nature.



Basically JK Rowling is so good that she can drop a Harry Potter short story with no publicity or previous announcement and within hours the entire world has read it

and if that’s not power i don’t know what is

the literary beyoncé

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Good morning everyone!

In two or three days, my vacation starts! I don’t think it needs to be said that I’m crazy excited. My sister, her fiance and I are driving down to Florida to see our mom. Everyone that I’ve told is like, “You’re driving down there?” like I’m crazy, but what they don’t know is that I love to drive. I love playing my music and singing to it and driving with my window down, looking briefly at the sights. It’s sort of like therapy for me. I’m the kind of person who very much enjoys my alone time. Plus, I didn’t want to drive with my sister cuz she likes country music, and I don’t want to listen to that for hours on end, or her and her fiance arguing… hence alone time lol. I’m VERY excited to see my mom. I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so I think it’s about time lol.

In other completely unrelated news, my fiance’s brother is still in a horrible mood. I don’t think he has a clue that I took my weights back. But his girlfriend hasn’t been at the house for 3 days now, I think. They had a pretty bad fight before she left to stay at her friends house. My fiance and their dad think she left him and moved out, but a lot of her things are still here, and if she was moving out she’d be coming back for her things. He’s still saying that this family is crumbling because we all can’t complete the lease at this house (referring to me and my fiance moving out on labor day). I think, though, that he’s jealous now because we’re moving out and he has no one, and the fact that were leaving before the lease is up, something he’s probably wanted to do for months. My fiance and I just don’t care anymore. It’s gotten to the point where we’re probably not inviting him to the wedding cuz he’s literally ruining his relationship with his brother, and my fiance has been through so much with him that it’s like he doesn’t care if he has a brother or not, he’s not inviting people, family or not, if they’re going to be a toxic thing at our wedding. But to round it back to the original topic, he’s still in a bad mood. What else is new? We got a letter from the board of people who are in charge of the neighborhood, and it said that we needed to get rid of his car. Well his brother smoked his weed in the car, so now he’s worried about where to smoke it cuz it got disposed of yesterday. My fiance told me that his brother suggested in our garage, but I said that I’m not going to have my stuff smell like weed. I said if he does that then he’s either paying for all my things to be cleaned, repaired or buy new ones for the things that can’t be repaired, or I’ll just plain call the cops. Our neighbor smokes weed so we all suggested to just go there… or sit on our stoop and smoke it there. He needs to figure it out cuz it’s not going to be in the garage. Another reason I can’t wait to move…

Speaking of moving, my fiance and I are one step closer to moving into that new apartment. We had some issues we needed to take care of before we could sign a lease and make a deposit, but that’s almost at an end. It makes me ecstatic to know that because I’m just too thrilled to be moving for millions of reasons… the very first being to live with just my fiance again and to familiarize ourselves as a couple living together again. We haven’t lived on our own since Christmas of 2011. So it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally almost here. The things that have happened since then have been shocking. My fiance went from studying for his first masters degree and working at Wal-Mart to studying for his second masters and working for the county. I’ve gone from working at my studio job to having two jobs, but looking for a county or state job. I’ve taken a test for the county job, now just have to go down to Philly and take the test for the state job. I’m done with these private companies and retail. I need something that’s more secure and I’m glad I have the self respect to finally do it, and not just settle or be lazy. Doing all this, and hoping that I actually get a county or state job, will ensure security for our future, especially moving to Washington.

Well I’m going to start my day. I have work at four, but I want to start packing for Florida, fold my clothes that have been sitting out for days, work out, and look through more boxes of ours in the garage so I can label them properly. Have a great day everyone!

“The ability to partner with you, to help spread your message in such a positive and relevant way, is monumentally important to me. I have Hope tattooed on my left forearm for the things I have endured; it is the way I’ve written “love” on my arm, and I’m happy to play a role, however small, in helping spread that movement to others in need.”

- Tyler Knott Gregson 

Photographer and poet Tyler Knott Gregson just announced that he will donate $1 to TWLOHA for every copy of Chasers of the Light sold between now and September 2nd. 

(via twloha)

I’m gonna buy this!



Shout out to that one shirt that’s fit you for like, 5 years no matter how much your body has changed

I even grew boobs and it’s like ‘whatever, I got you’.

I can still fit into my soccer shirts from when I was in 5th grade. I’m 27 now lol.


this is perfect

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Reason infinity I can’t wait to move by labor day

So my fiance has recently gotten a new perspective on exercising. He’s more dedicated, motivated and determined than he was before (I think seeing me do it practically every day helps him). He’s been walking on the treadmill, doing push ups at work (they have a push up club where a bunch of them do push ups every hour. It’s not a competition, just doing as many as you can), crunches and sit ups at home and etc.

So he asked his brother yesterday if he can have back the weights that I lent to his brother about a year ago because my fiance wants to use them during exercising. His brother threw a shit fit. My fiance asked him if he used them and he said sometimes. Understand though, that the day before, both of them went out with their dad to play tennis and his brother told him that he was angry at him because we were moving out of the house in a couple months, that he’s abandoning the family and that he had no brother. To make that make sense to you, his brother has a bunch of mental illness problems, so he only thinks about himself, even with his girlfriend living in the house now.

So snap back to my fiance telling me that his brother said that, I told him that I’ll get them back whether his brother wants to give them or not because they’re mine. My mom gave them to me. I did not tell his brother that he could keep them, therefore, I can take them back any time I want.

That is exactly what I did. This morning, after his brother went to his group, I went to his room, knocked on the door and asked his girlfriend where the weights were. They were completely dusty. I wear a black shirt to my studio job, and my shirt was covered. So he obviously doesn’t use them sometimes, he just didn’t want to give them to my fiance. I told his girlfriend that when he comes home and starts flipping out, which he will, to tell him that I want to use them to exercise. If he flips out with that… well I just don’t care.

So reason 5789863368 I can’t wait to move is to get away from this ungrateful child and never see him again… or as little as I need to. I don’t have time for this crap lol.


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